1, in the traditional freight as basic

Companies in the traditional shipping FCL, LCL transportation for the general partners to provide a competitive price and high quality service. At the same time provide quality international air transportation, international express delivery services.

2, global pair clear to send door to door one-stop logistics services, namely, DDU, DDP, the LDP.

Fist pair clear line: the United States, Australia, the UK, regardless of the trade company, personal business, immigration removal, etc., all can safe operation, dedicated counterparts;

Eu pair clear line: France, Germany, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, etc., can be safe delivery to door;

Southeast Asia pair clear line: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, etc;

African pair clear line: South Africa, Nigeria, Togo, etc;

Dubai in the Middle East, Russia and other double lines, qing Hong Kong transportation, comprehensive logistics service, let you never leave home, all the logistics services to complete here!

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